Cops Discover Epic Teen #MansionParty Through Social Media

An estimated 2,000 people caused $70,000 in damage at the Ontario rager.

A rager of epic proportions involving 2,000 people — many of them teens — had to be broken up by Ontario Police on May 2, with 60 cop cars arriving to end the "monster mansion party."

Police discovered the raucous rager in Brampton, Ontario, on Twitter, where it was being promoted through the hashtag #MansionParty.

The homeowner's son had permission to throw a party, but "not of this magnitude," Peel Regional Police Sgt. Darcy North told the Toronto Sun. After "one of the home's occupants" called, police shut down the event.

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A 17-year-old threw the party in his parents' still-under-construction home. When officers informed the boy's mother, she replied, "I told my son he could have some friends over."

One teen, a 16-year-old named Nick, told The Record he had only seen parties like this in the movies. He said after he heard about the party on social media, he arrived to see a line 200 cars deep.

"There were hundreds of people here," he said. "Some people were climbing over ladders and smashing the windows. Some were drinking. Everyone wanted to get inside."

The young host had informed his neighbor that he would be having some people over. "He told [us] that they were just going to have a small party," the neighbor told CTV News.

K9 and tactical police units were sent to the 5,000 sq. ft. mansion, which has reportedly been under construction for a few years.

Though there were no injuries, officers arrested multiple people for intoxication and assaulting police.

Photos and videos of the crowded melee were all over Twitter and Instagram, with many people making fun of the party for being a "sausage fest," with mostly guys in attendance.

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One party-goer said the home was "completely trashed," and The Record estimated that there was $70,000 in damages.

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