There Is A Peeing Sex Toy That People Use To Pass Drug Tests

But the store will likely turn you down if you tell them that's why you're buying it. Warning: NSFW.

Even in Colorado, where weed is legal, drug testing has proven to be a hindrance for marijuana users. Enter products like The Whizzinator, a simulated penis that can be filled with imitation urine.

To use The Whizzinator, the person has to take a syringe and fill it with the synthetic urine, put the sticky heat pack on it to warm up the urine, then strap it around their waist.

Once it's on, you just flip a switch for the urine to come out, as demonstrated by the brave woman in this promotional video.

Although selling products to pass drug tests is illegal, shops get away with it because the products can also be used as a sex toy for "safe urine sex," according to Nick, a clerk at Freaky's sex shop in Boulder, Colo.

The Whizzinator, which costs $150 at Freaky's, isn't super popular, Nick said — he sells about one a month. They also offer a kit with a clear tube and fake urine, which a woman could also utilize, for $50.

Trying to fake a drug test is risky and illegal — last year, 34-year-old Sydney Levin was arrested in St. Louis for using a Whizzinator during a probationary drug test, after an officer spotted the prosthetic.

In an appearance on Chelsea Lately last December, Mike Tyson admitted that he used a fake member for drug tests back in the day.

And for those wondering: Yes, they do come in different colors.

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