People Are Freaking Out Because This Woman Was Breast-Feeding At Her Graduation

The young woman shared the photo on her Facebook page. She said her daughter motivated her to finish her degree.

This is Karlesha Thurman, a 25-year-old mom and recent graduate of California State University Long Beach.

The proud mom shared this photo on the Facebook page of Black Women Do Breastfeed of her breast-feeding her daughter while attending her college graduation.

When the Black Women Do Breastfeed page reposted her photo, the picture of Thurman went viral.

While a lot of comments on the page were supportive, many began writing harsh judgments of the young mom as the photo spread.

I'm all for breast feeding. But at a graduation come on y'all that was inappropriate

Nobody told her to hoe around in 3rd period She shouldve been doing her work & maybe she wouldn't be breastfeeding during her graduation

Maybe I still have sleep in my eyes but did I just see a pic of a chick really breastfeeding during middle of her graduation?

Y'all tryna justify a chick breastfeeding DURING her graduation? Y'all weird #onhere

1.Why you breast feeding at your graduation. 2. Why you post of a picture of you breast feeding ...ppl weird b ppl weird smh

Not to mention some good old-fashioned slut-shaming.

Still don't mean she ain't a HOE "@ochocinco: Breast feeding & graduation (nice combo) RT @POPSS0N: BRUH "

"I am so shocked that it has gotten this much attention," Thurman told BuzzFeed.

But the grad struck back by retweeting her (many) supporters, who chided those who judged her for taking care of her baby and herself.

Thurman wrote on Facebook that her daughter helped motivate her through college, and that's why she decided to post the picture, and thanked the group for sharing her proud moment.

I found out I was pregnant my last year of college, had my daughter one week into my last semester, she was my motivation to keep going, so me receiving my BA was OUR moment, so glad I captured the moment and so glad you shared it with the world so thank you again.

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