Some Abortion Foes Celebrated The Planned Parenthood Shooting On Social Media

"I wonder how many unborn babies were save[d] by this gunman interrupting normal Planned Parenthood activities?"

A gunman stormed a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic Friday, killing three people, including a police officer, and injuring nine others. Despite the deaths, some on social media celebrated the killer.

BuzzFeed News has hidden the identity of the Twitter users.

Some called the shooter "brave."

While others criticized the media coverage and "mass outrage" around the gunman instead of around the "murders [of] millions of babies."

And those who tweeted their support of Planned Parenthood were often attacked with epithets, arguments, and even photos of dead babies.

Teenage girls with CATHOLIC and PRO LIFE in your bios tweeting me photos of dead babies, I fight for you that someday you can make choices.

"Child killers deserve what they get," one person wrote in reply to Femsplain founder Amber Gordon, who wrote that Planned Parenthood employees "risk their lives every single day."

The tweets were often accompanied with inaccurate statistics about Planned Parenthood.

Others called the murders justified, especially if any of the dead were "pregnant female[s]," according to one user.

Still, some took a counter response to the shooting, offering to match people's donations to the women's health care center.

In light of today’s domestic terrorism against Planned Parenthood, I’ll match up to $500 of donations to PP. Reply w/ pics, I’ll add ‘em up.

On the honor system folks: I will match your donations to Planned Parenthood. My donation will go local, yours to yours. Who's in?

Every time shit like this happens, john and I immediately make another donation to planned parenthood.

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