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This Spunky 6-Year-Old Hung A Kickass Sign In Her Yard Shaming Bike Thieves

"Your mom would be so disappointed!" she wrote on her homemade sign.

Posted on July 27, 2014, at 3:31 p.m. ET

After her dad's collection of road bikes was stolen from her family's Portland, Ore., garage last month, 6-year-old Roxy took matters into her own hands and hung a sign shaming the thieves in her front yard.

"Shame on you bike thieves," she wrote, reports KATU. "Your mom would be so disappointed!"

Roxy's dad, Rob Thomas, put up fliers and filed a police report after thieves stole half a dozen custom road bikes worth thousands of dollars from the family's home.

"It hurt my feelings that my dad was so angry and sad," Roxy told KATU.


Thompson said his daughter sprung into action to help him after the theft.

"At first, she offered to give me her life savings — that was a heart melter — then this a couple days later," he said. "She wants to let the world know it's not cool."

"I want to tell all the people who steal things that it’s a bad idea to steal things," Roxy told the local news station. "Why do they even make villains in the world?"

h/t New York Daily News