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Rob Ford Celebrated Canada's Olympic Wins By Bar-Hopping, DJing, And Walking Into A Hydrant


Posted on February 24, 2014, at 11:52 a.m. ET

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a whirlwind weekend celebrating his beloved team's hockey victories in the Sochi Olympics.

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young

Around noon on Friday, Ford headed to Toronto's Real Sports Bar and Grill after the men began their semifinal game, which Canada won 1-0.

When asked about being at the bar during the work day, Ford replied, "I'm asking the taxpayers to give me two hours off so I can support Canada ... And I think everyone should get two hours off."

He added, "[It's] not going to hurt anyone."

Aaron Harris / Reuters

On Saturday, Ford tried out his DJing skills at a South by Southwest fundraiser for some local artists.

Watch him making some sick beats:

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Then after celebrating Canada's 3-0 gold medal hockey victory over Sweden Sunday, photographer Darren Calabrese captured these photos of Ford celebrating groin-first right into a fire hydrant.

That's gotta hurt.
Twitter: @DBCalabrese

That's gotta hurt.

Rob Ford for president!

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