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17 People Confess Their Reasons For Never Having Children

17 People Confess Their Reasons For Never Having Children

Men and women have taken to Whisper to give their reasons, equal parts silly, poignant, and heartbreaking, for avoiding having a baby.

Posted on October 15, 2014, at 4:11 p.m. ET

While some people feel having kids is the key to a fulfilled life, others believe they can have just as much fulfillment without it. Here, a few reasons people have chosen to live their life sans children:

1. Because they're not sure if they can trade in one love for another:

2. Because people can grow up to be, er, unpleasant:

3. Because they don't want their past to follow them into parenthood:

4. Because sometimes love has a limit:

5. Because their insecurities distract them:

6. Because life isn't always perfect:

7. Because sometimes we're disproportionate:

8. Because trying might reveal something terrifying:

9. Because it can change you — emotionally and physically:

10. Because there's a chance they'll get your worst genes:

11. Because it's totally bizarre when you think hard about it:

12. Because it doesn't rank in their priorities:

13. Because going at it alone seems impossible:

14. Because everything would change:

15. Because it's hard to be good with kids:

16. Because they love themselves too much:

17. Because the world they would be born into is becoming frightening:

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