Meet The FitBit For Your Lady Parts That Uses Vibration As A Reward

Kegels for the next generation.

Say hi to the kGoal, a new device that's supposed to help make doing Kegel exercises more easy and fun for women.

Kegels, which are strength training for your pelvic floor muscles, can enhance a woman's sex life and help bladder control, and are recommended to many pregnant women. But it turns out most women aren't great at doing the exercises, or quickly abandon their routine out of boredom.

The kGoal, which has already raised more than $67,000 as of press time on Kickstarter and is expected to retail for $175, seeks to be a "revolution in pelvic floor health" by guiding, measuring, and tracking pelvic floor exercises.

And apparently, studies show 30% of women are currently doing their Kegel exercises wrong.

"These are generally involuntary, subconsciously controlled muscles. So when someone tells you to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles or crunch them it's not intuitively obvious at first how to do that," Jon Thomas, the vice president of manufacturing for Minna, the sexual health products company that designed kGoal, told Fast Company. "Our product tells you how you're doing."

Your squeezing progress is tracked through a body-safe silicone pillow, and feedback is given through the app. If you do the exercise correctly, you get a little buzz. Whee!

And yep, you can turn the vibration up if you need a bit more exercise incentive.

While there are other vag-strengthening products on the market, the designers point out they aren't able to track your ladybits' progress over time, much like FitBit does for, uh, your other parts.

"One of the key things for us is the idea of making these exercises fun," Thomas said.

As for the vibration? It's totally optional, and can be turned off if users find it annoying. But it can also make exercising your vagina a little more exhilarating, if you're into that.

"It's a short-term reward for exercises with long-term benefits," Thomas added. "We're making something that's traditionally very boring fun."

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