Clippers Turn Warmups Inside Out Before Playoff Game After Owner's Racism Controversy

The team dropped their warm-up jackets with the Clippers logo on the floor before the game, and donned black wristbands and socks.

Before today's Clippers game began in Oakland, Calif., the players shed their team-issued warm-up gear with the Clippers logo and wore black armbands and socks as a silent protest against their owner, Donald Sterling.

The #Clippers are wearing their warmups inside out so the Clippers logo doesn't show.

The Clippers took off their shooting shirts and dumped them at center court.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Sterling would not be in attendance for today's playoff game against the Warriors, after a recording leaked yesterday of a conversation in which he allegedly asked his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games.

Sterling's wife came to the game, however, wearing all black, likely in support of the players.

Shelly Sterling, Donald's wife, is in same courtside seat where they sat Friday..and she's wearing all black...

CP3: "We're going to be one. Everything we do, we do it together."

Magic Johnson, who said he won't go to Clippers games again while Sterling is still owner, announced during the game that he won't talk about him anymore.

Attention All Media: I'm not doing anymore interviews about Donald Sterling.

Update: The Clippers lost the game 94-118.

Correction: This post originally stated today's game was against the Wizards, but it was against the Warriors.

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