28 Reasons Chris Pratt Is The Human Golden Retriever Of Your Dreams

Hot AND dorky? What a catch.

1. Because he knows how to answer the hard-hitting questions.

2. And is pretty useful to have around.

...Kind of.


3. He clearly takes himself super seriously.

4. And tries extremely hard to play it cool.

5. But not enough to prevent him from singing Disney songs on live TV.


6. OK, so he's totally still figuring out this "hot guy" thing.

7. And, um, nailing it.

8. Though he still has a hungry kid inside of him just like the rest of us.

9. And he knows exercising is the purest form of hell.

10. He really, really hates it.

11. Well, most of the time.


12. Which is cool because he's dreamy no matter what he looks like.

13. He is totally a real-life version of his Parks and Rec character Andy Dwyer, who is basically a human golden retriever.

14. He hasn't gotten too sucked into this whole "fame" thing.

15. And it never seems to stop being cool for him.


16. Which makes him one of the humblest movie stars around.

17. With a huge heart.

18. To the point where he took his costume home just to visit sick kids.


19. Which only makes him even hotter (a hard feat).

20. He's cultured.


21. And he's great at prioritizing.


22. His friendship with co-star Nick Offerman is an inspiration to us all.


23. Social media is basically his bitch.

24. And there was a time when this was his Twitter avatar.

25. Being a dad is clearly among the things he's awesome at.

26. And it's so sweet how in awe he is that he managed to snag Anna Faris for a wife.


27. Which is ridiculous because, I mean, even kittens love him.

28. And, finally, because he's able to be refreshingly real and endearing, while still being a total goober.

We love you, Chris!

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