Damning Evidence That Beyoncé Is Photoshopping Her Instagram Pictures

Thought you were better than that, Bey.

Over the weekend, Queen Bey shared this picture of herself enjoying a sunny day with a glass of wine.

But as blogger B. Scott pointed out, wavy lines on the wine glass and phone make it seem like the picture was 'shopped, likely to make Beyoncé look skinnier.

Note the melting iPhone and wavy wine glass.

The "***Flawless" singer isn't the only celeb to ignite rumors she's touching up Instagram snapsKim Kardashian has also been suspected of using a photo-editing app to narrow her waistline.

Bey also posted this pic of a wasp over the weekend, which she might not have Photoshopped, but she might have mistook for an entirely different insect so she could make a "Queen Bee" reference.

Not quite.

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