This Genius Dad Figured Out How To Fill 100 Water Balloons In One Minute

This means (water balloon) war.

Forget potato salad, because there's now a Kickstarter for a cause that actually demands attention: water balloon fights.

Having eight kids gave Texas dad Josh Malone plenty of experience with them — so he created Bunch O Balloons, a single-use device that cuts right to the fun and makes 37 balloons in 20 seconds.

Malone explained to the Huffington Post that because of the hot Texas summers, his family was tearing through thousands of water balloons each year.

"We put a lot of effort into filling them and tying them and being careful not to waste them before they're done," he said. "It's obviously very time consuming."

Using Malone's invention is super easy: All you do is attach the Bunch O Balloons to a hose, and turn the water on.

Then with a little shake, the balloons all come loose, ALREADY TIED. This is not a drill. Your sore fingertips are going to be so grateful.

Thanks to a tiny O-ring (and some kind of wizardry), the balloons stay closed.

That's literally all you need to do for dozens of water balloons. And people are psyched: The Kickstarter has raised five times its goal and was at more than $50,000 as of early Thursday morning.

A pledge of $15 will get you a package of three Bunch O Balloons attachments, good for 111 water balloons, and they're expected to ship between August and September. So there will still plenty of time left of hot weather for lobbing balloons at your neighbors.


It looks like as of Thursday night, all of the "early bird" rewards were gone, so supporters going forward will have to wait until next summer for shipments.

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