28 Essays And Stories That Made Sense Of Trump's America This Year

These essential pieces of writing on the presidential election help explain how we got here in 2016, and imagine where we go now.

We've collected some essential personal essays, cultural criticism, and feature stories published by BuzzFeed READER and BuzzFeed News about the 2016 presidential election. Together, they aim to answer the question of how and why the country elected Donald Trump president — and to make sense of how we feel, think, and live in our new reality.

1. "For Muslims Like Me, Trump’s Words Are A Daily Nightmare" by Bim Adewunmi

Kate Ferro / BuzzFeed News

"​Though I’m far from home, the tenor of anti-Muslim discourse is still the same – and escalating."

2. "What A British Woman Learned About America During The Conventions" by Bim Adewunmi

AP Images

"America is deeply unfair, and both parties believe that, even if they vehemently disagree on who is being shafted and who is enjoying positive discrimination."

3. "Donald Trump’s Scary Allure" by Bim Adewunmi

John Moore / Getty Images

"Trump had convinced these people they were living over a hellmouth and he alone could save them. Forget Buffy Anne Summers, vampire slayer, and welcome Donald J. Trump, CEO-in-chief."

4. "Meet The Charming, Terrifying Face Of The Anti-Islam Lobby" by David Noriega

BuzzFeed News

"The anti-Islam group ACT for America has a direct line to Donald Trump. Now, it has seized on allegations of a hideous crime in Idaho’s Magic Valley to spread its reach among regular Americans."

5. "Women Explain Why They're Standing By Trump" by Anne Helen Petersen

Bryan Woolston / Reuters

"While every woman I spoke to had a different way to excuse the allegations against Trump, one thing remained constant: It does not matter what he does, or what other women say Trump’s done to them. These women, they’re with him."

6. "FiveThirtyHate: Meet The Trump Movement’s Post-Truth, Post-Math Anti-Nate Silver" by Charlie Warzel

BuzzFeed News; YourVoice Radio

"As the final weeks of the presidential campaign devolve into accusations of conspiracy and fraud, the most talked-about Trump supporter might be a poll-hating Twitter pundit who has no official role with the campaign. Bill Mitchell is here to win the ground game in our hearts."

7. "Hyperpartisan Facebook Pages Are Publishing False And Misleading Information At An Alarming Rate"

BuzzFeed News

"Our analysis of three hyperpartisan right-wing Facebook pages found that 38% of all posts were either a mixture of true and false or mostly false, compared to 19% of posts from three hyperpartisan left-wing pages that were either a mixture of true and false or mostly false. The right-wing pages are among the forces — perhaps as potent as the cable news shows that have gotten far more attention — that helped fuel the rise of Donald Trump."

8. "Meet The Ivanka Voter" by Anne Helen Petersen

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

"She’s not in the photos of Trump rallies. She doesn’t have his sign on her lawn. She doesn’t like everything he says. But she’s voting for him."

9. "The New Evangelical Woman Vs. Trump" by Anne Helen Petersen

BuzzFeed News

"In recent weeks, several prominent female Christian authors, bloggers, and musicians have denounced Trump — one part of a larger renovation and rejuvenation of old-fashioned ideas of evangelical Christianity. But that doesn’t mean these women, or their followers, are voting for Hillary."

10. "Don’t Cry For Ivanka — Fear Her" by Anne Helen Petersen

Mike Blake / Reuters

"She is, after all, a daddy’s girl: her father without the makeup, the combover, the ill-fitted suits, the yelling, the rambling, the Twitter rants, the paranoia, all the things that make him difficult to sell to the most monied and powerful voting bloc in America, which is increasingly desperate for a presentable avatar."

11. "What Is America So Afraid Of?" By Bim Adewunmi

John Minchillo / AP

"The most surprising thing about last night’s result is that it wasn’t a surprise. Traveling around the country in 2016 gave me plenty of signals as to where America was headed."

12. "Anti-Semitism Has Emerged From The Shadows, And It’s Not Going Back" by Doree Shafrir

Thom Carroll / PhillyVoice

"This election has brought into the open all of the things that people used to be too polite to say when they thought Jews might be listening. It turns out that we were naïve to think that they weren’t thinking them anymore. It turns out they’ve been thinking those things all along — and this election emboldened them to bring their hate and vitriol out into the open."

13. "This Is How Much America Hates Women" by Anne Helen Petersen

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

"This election ratified our nation’s tolerance of racism, bigotry, xenophobia — and abject disrespect for women."

14. "Here’s What I’m Telling My Brown Son About Trump’s America" by Mira Jacob

Mira Jacob

"Sometimes I wish I could ask America when, exactly, it made its mind up about us."

15. "I Will Teach My Children To Survive The New America" by Manuel Gonzales

Matthew Hollister for BuzzFeed News

"My son and daughter found out yesterday that Donald Trump would be their new president. Today, and for the rest of their lives, I need to make them believe that their survival and success is still inevitable."

16. "The Day After The Election, I Told My Daughter The Truth" by Nicole Chung

Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

"I am devastated. I am furious. And I am sorry, because you deserve better."

17. "Trump's Revenge" by McKay Coppins

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

"They laughed at him. They taunted him. They snubbed him and sneered at him. And then, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, he won."

18. "These Are The LGBT Rights Trump Could Start Reversing On Day One" by Dominic Holden

Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

"Donald Trump’s campaign vowed to scrub Obama’s executive actions, and his transition is led by anti-LGBT figures. This is what’s on the table for LGBT people."

19. "We Will Get Through A Trump Presidency Together" by Rigoberto González

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

"The journey from hopelessness to hopeful is so arduous and costly that we can’t slip back into that dark space so quickly. Disappointment doesn’t mean resignation. Setback doesn’t mean defeat."

20. "What Women Who Condemned Trump’s Sexism Do Now" by Jessica Testa

Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty Images

"2016 was supposed to be the year of holding powerful men accountable for sexual misconduct. Then Donald Trump was elected. Where do young women go from here?"

21. "How People Magazine Came Home To The Minivan Majority" by Anne Helen Petersen


"People magazine’s decision to celebrate the Trump family — after their reporter said she was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump — is an acknowledgment of what their readership desires."

22. "Losing My Mom Taught Me How To Grieve For America" by Miguel Morales

Jasu Hu for BuzzFeed News

"Every single day since she died, I have wished for my mother back. But I’m glad she won’t be here to witness the next four years, and that she gave me what I need to get through them."

23. "The Trump Bros Have Found Their Safe Space" By Anne Helen Petersen

Mike Segar / Reuters

"Three students from Dayton told me the same thing — on their campus and on their Facebook feed, they were surrounded by anti-Trump rhetoric. “I never spoke my mind,” Matt, a freshman, explained. “It wasn’t worth it to get into it.” But they’d driven the hour to Cincinnati to watch their candidate speak his."

24. "'Hamilton' Isn’t The Only Show Standing Up To Donald Trump" by Louis Peitzman

Joan Marcus

"The president-elect condemned Hamilton for directing a controversial curtain call speech at Mike Pence. But theater artists won’t shy away from letting their voices be heard."

25. "Donald Trump And The End Of Time" by Anne Helen Petersen

Time Magazine

"Time has long chosen controversial, notorious, or reviled figures as their “Person of the Year.” But in the age of Trump, has the nuance of “winning” the honor disappeared?"

26. "The Key To Trump Is Reading Him Like A Celebrity" by Anne Helen Petersen

Aaronp / GC Images

"Analyze Trump as a politician and you’ll only end up confused. Study him like a celebrity, however, and every baffling action makes sense."

27. "These Teens Think Trump Will Make America Great Again" by Scaachi Koul

Scott Olson / Getty Images

"At a victory rally last week in Pennsylvania, the crowd was full of people who support Trump, even if they were too young to vote for him."

28. "What A Trip To Japanese Internment Camps Means In Trump’s America" by Esther Wang

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

"When I traveled to the Manzanar and Poston internment camps after the election, I realized that the past has thrust itself into our present."