Indians Can Now Send Money To Each Other Via WhatsApp

The feature is still in beta but will eventually roll out to every WhatsApp user in India.

WhatsApp is beta testing letting users in India send money to each other through the app. The feature isn't available to everyone yet, but here's what it looks like once you have it.

Tapping "Payment" lets users enter an amount and zap it to anyone they're chatting with on WhatsApp, as long as the other person has payments enabled too.

WhatsApp declined to comment.

But sources in a position to know told BuzzFeed News that the company will let users in India know when the beta test is over and the feature is more widely available.

WhatsApp's payment feature already has competition in India from the government-backed BHIM app, Alibaba-backed digital wallet Paytm, Flipkart-owned PhonePe, and Google's own payments app for India called Tez.

People are ~excited~.

Twitter: @AroonDeep / Via Twitter: @AroonDeep

Just tried #WhatsApp #payments. Got reminded what great user experience is all about 👍

Twitter: @amrishrau / Via Twitter: @amrishrau

However, some are pointing out some obvious flaws...

One problem with Whatsapp UPI : you can now essentially send money to anyone who's number you can get. They cannot…

Twitter: @aatifsumar / Via Twitter: @aatifsumar

...and the potential for people to be scammed over WhatsApp.

@PranavDixit Pay this account 1000 rupees to save a dying kid. Please your money means a lot to the kids family. In…

Twitter: @digitaldutta / Via Twitter: @digitaldutta

Can you imagine how easily all the uncles and the WhatsApp family groups are going to fall for this shit?

Twitter: @PranavDixit / Via Twitter: @PranavDixit

Either way, I can't wait for my family to be sending me money instead of spamming me with "Good morning!" messages.

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