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On Facebook You Can Now Add Music To Stories, Pin Songs To Profiles, And Display Karaoke Lyrics

Facebook is updating its music features, including displaying lyrics on Lip Sync Live. 🎢🎢🎢 Oh mamma mia, mamma mia 🎢🎢🎢

Posted on October 24, 2018, at 1:31 p.m. ET

Listen up: Using Facebook is about to get a lot more 🎢musical🎢


First, Facebook's Lip Sync Live feature β€” which launched in June and lets you sing along to your favorite songs in a live Facebook video β€” will now display the song's lyrics so you're not making a damn fool of yourself as you lip-synch in front of all your followers. (It's "Scaramouche, Scaramouche," guys.)

You won't get lyrics for every song just yet. Facebook says that some of the songs with support for lyrics right now include Dua Lupa's β€œNew Rules,” Khalid's β€œBetter,” and β€œGirls Like You” by Maroon 5, but more are coming soon. As a bonus, the Lip Sync Live feature is also rolling out to more countries around the world (although it's unclear which ones), and also to artists on their Facebook pages.

This solves a Very Serious Problem for people who use Facebook to lip-synch.

If you're going to post a video on facebook of you TRYING to lip sync then you should make sure you actually know the words...

I hate when people lip sync but don't know the words and still post it on Facebook or Instagram πŸ˜‘#stop

And if you use Facebook stories (rather than, I don't know, just posting to Instagram stories like a normal person), you can now add music to them.


Grab a picture from your camera roll (or click one from the Facebook Camera), tap the sticker icon, select the music sticker, and select the song you want to add. You can also choose the exact part of the song you want to play with your story to establish the mood. Instagram stories have had music for months already.

And finally, you will soon be able to add the song you're listening to or your all-time favorites to a new music section on your profile to let your friends (and uh, advertisers) know more about your musical preferences.


You can also pick a favorite song to pin to the top of your profile.