Swifties Think Taylor Swift Dropped An Easter Egg About Her Reported Breakup On Tour

Swifties speculated that Taylor Swift may have hinted at her reported breakup from Joe Alwyn during a recent show on the Eras Tour.

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Taylor performing onstage, looking over her shoulder

Taylor Swift and her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn have reportedly broken up. For Swifties, this means looking for clues that Swift, who is known for dropping hints in much of her music and public appearances, may have hinted at the breakup prior to the recent reports. One Easter egg quickly materialized — and just in time for Easter, no less.

Some fans of the artist believe that Swift may have signaled the breakup during a recent performance during her Eras Tour.

During her March 31 concert in Arlington, Texas, Swift swapped her song "Invisible String," which is believed to be a love letter to Alwyn, with "The 1," a song about ex-lovers. Both songs appear on Swift’s 2020 Folklore album. Online Swifties have speculated that Swift may have altered her setlist because she's reportedly no longer with Alwyn.

Taylor and Joe sitting together and looking at each other at an event

One of Swift's fans posted a video on TikTok that had the caption, “realizing why Taylor switched out invisible strings for the 1.”

Entertainment Tonight was the first to report news of the breakup, and People magazine later confirmed the news. A close source to the couple told ET that Swift and Alwyn broke up a few weeks ago.  

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"It was not dramatic," the source said. "The relationship had just run its course. It's why [Alwyn] hasn't been spotted at any shows."

Neither Swift nor Alwyn has publicly commented on the reported breakup, and Swift’s representatives did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for a comment.

According to a video from Swift's Arlington concert that was posted by a fan on Twitter, Swift addressed setlist changes.

"One thing we said about the Eras Tour, ‘You think you can just go online, you think you can just scroll and know the setlist? You think you can just come prepared?' ...

"Let it be said about the Eras Tour: We're tricksy. That's what we are. We enjoy a good, healthy setlist hijinks," Swift said. 

News of the breakup shook the Swiftie community over Easter weekend. On Saturday, one disappointed fan posted a TikTok with the caption, “this was not the Easter egg I was hoping for this weekend.”

This is me eating Easter lunch after reading the news about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s breakup

Twitter: @lillitheb

I have to find out Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up on EASTER SUNDAY? Jesus might not be dead but love surely is

Twitter: @galacticidiots

not a historian but I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn breaking up is now a part of the the Easter story, like Jesus came back to maybe date Taylor Swift

Twitter: @trinawatters

no one: absolutely no one: my mom at the easter lunch table: DID YOU HEAR THAT TAYLOR SWIFT-

Twitter: @swifferstruggle

Swift and Alwyn’s relationship went public in 2017, though it's believed that they may have started dating the year before. Since then, Swift has released six albums, including the rereleases of her earlier albums Fearless and Red. Many of her songs on the albums Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights are believed to be about Alwyn. He even cowrote several of Swift's songs, like "Exile," "Champagne Problems," and "Sweet Nothing," under the pseudonym William Bowery.

Swift is set to perform next on April 13 in Tampa, Florida.

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