How Has Putting Your Student Loans On Hold Changed Your Life?

If your student loans are in forbearance and you suddenly have more money than normal, BuzzFeed News would like to hear from you.

A college graduate in a  graduation cap looks out over a sea of fellow students.

It’s been nearly a year since millions of Americans put their student loans in forbearance last spring. While this relief has helped many borrowers who lost work or wages in the pandemic to get by, it has also given those who remain employed some disposable income (and financial freedom) they might not have had before.

If your student loans are in forbearance, how has this changed your financial picture? Please fill out this form and tell us about it. We may contact you to be featured in a future BuzzFeed News story. How are you spending that money now? What about your life has changed, and what will you do when the payments resume? Did you invest in stocks for the first time? (GameStop, anyone?) Make necessary home repairs? Or finally have the money to just treat yourself to something you were never able to afford before because of your student loans? We look forward to hearing your stories.