These Photos Show How No One In Texas Was Prepared For This Much Snow

Texas was just one of the states to experience a strong snowstorm over Presidents Day weekend.

Over the long weekend, Texas and many places in the central United States experienced extreme weather, receiving up to 8 inches of snow. At least three deaths have been reported, and Texas residents are advised to stay home. For a region that doesn't see snow at all most winters, the subfreezing temperatures and arctic temperatures caused a lot of damage — including massive power outages affecting millions and traffic brought to a crawl. Texas has reported wind chills as low as 15 below zero, the lowest temperature seen in decades. The cold has put an unprecedented strain on the electrical grid, with the governor and state legislators calling for overall reforms to the power system as people without heat turn to unsafe means to stay warm.

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A homeless man uses a grill for heat
A group of young women posing for a photo together in front of a frozen fountain
Two people walking past a mural in Austin Texas in the snow
A family of one man and three children wearing winter coats indoors
Two cows behind fencing on a snowy landscape in Texas
People grabbing at cases of water in a supermarket
A woman sleds down a hill on her stomach chased by her dog
A young girl sledding down a hill
People at a crowded snowy intersection try to push their cars out of harm's way
A smiling man cleaning snow off his car
A snowy overhead scene in Austin showing snow-covered streets and a few cars
Two pairs of people walking down extremely snowy roads in Texas
A man walks around with a sweatshirt and blanket to stay warm
A family curls up around the fire indoors
A long line of people waiting outside the supermarket
Two people buy meat in a supermarket with a flashlight as the power is out
A cactus with its spines covered in ice

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