Queen Elizabeth Is Commemorating 70 Years Of Her Reign This Year. Here’s What Past Celebrations Looked Like.

In the past, Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip would go on tours of the commonwealth to mark the occasion.

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee year kicked off this past weekend on Feb. 6 to celebrate 70 years since she ascended to the throne after the death of King George VI. The Queen prefers to mark the day of her accession without much fanfare, as it is also a day she mourns the death of her beloved father.

This Jubilee will be celebrated throughout 2022, with a four-day holiday weekend when the people of England will be able to come together to celebrate. This year, which coincides with the Queen's 96th year, the celebration will happen in early June. The first jubilee, the Silver Jubilee, was celebrated 25 years into her reign in 1977. Her 50th anniversary, the Golden Jubilee, was celebrated in 2002. In the past, Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip would go on tours of the commonwealth.

Here, we look back on those celebrations.

The queen walking in a blue dress past a bunch of people waving flags
A woman holding a sign that says welcome to durham we love you both happy jubilee and all our regards ann and val
Queen elizabeth and price philip in a carriage
Queen Elizabeth II walking by and surrounded by fans
Queen Elizabeth II and price philip on a golden carriage with soldiers behind them
Queen Elizabeth II and philip waving from a balcony
a line of cars driving in front of windsor castle
Queen Elizabeth II  and prince philip in regalia on chairs
Queen Elizabeth II in a blue suit in a carriage
a group of people waving and wavign flafs at the queens jubilee
Prince William and Prince Harry holding flowers and shaking hands
Queen Elizabeth II holding flowers among a crowd of people waving
Queen Elizabeth II shaking hands and receiving gifts with a crowd of people in the stands
Queen Elizabeth II and the princes in London with mayors surrounding them
The queen sitting in a chair on a red carpet with people wearing red everywhere
The queen in a car with a ton of people waving union jack flags surrounding her
Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by people in a castle
Queen Elizabeth II on a giant screen in London as people walk around on the street
Queen Elizabeth II  preparing to stab a jubilee cake
Soldiers on horses
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

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