10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

For this week's photo review, heat waves brought the reality of climate change to the forefront of our minds as we looked at how the Pacific Northwest handled the extreme temperatures. For the BBC, teenagers looked back at life in lockdown in photographs. Angela Boatwright is a metalhead photographer with a love for hip-hop who photographed some of the greats. Brynn Anderson has photographed a concurrent pandemic of fatal drug overdoses in the Black community in St. Louis. Photographer Elliot Ross photographed Los Angeles's "shady divide" between neighborhoods. We also took a look at how Miami is holding vigil for the missing.

We interviewed Elizabeth Ferrer about photography across the Latin American diaspora. And when Emanuel Hahn moved to Los Angeles, he set out to document the country's oldest Koreatown as it struggled with the coronavirus pandemic and gentrification in the area. The Black Women Photographers collective looked at pictures of what it means to be "home," and Adam Ferguson worked with migrants in Mexico hoping to reach the United States to create self-portraits of their time in limbo.

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"These Photos Show How Intense the Dangerous Heat Wave Is in the Pacific Northwest" — BuzzFeed News

A woman in a tank top sprays herself down with a hose

"Life in Lockdown: The Pandemic Through Our Eyes" — BBC News

A girl floats on her back in a lake

"Fearless, Unfiltered Photos of the Latin American Diaspora Across The United States" — BuzzFeed News

A man poses with his back to the camera in a motorcycle vest emblazoned with sequins reading "Sons of the Devil MC Chicago"

"These Photos Are a Love Letter to Koreatowns Everywhere" – BuzzFeed News

A woman smiles at the camera from behind the counter of her home goods store, the shelves behind her filled to the ceiling with merchandise

"Who Is Angela Boatwright? The Metalhead With a Love for Hip-Hop Photography" — Kulture Hub

Nicki Minaj poses in sparkly tights on top of a diner counter

"In Pandemic, Drug Overdose Deaths Soar Among Black Americans" — Associated Press

A crying woman holds a locket close to her chest

"Black Women Photographers on the Theme of ‘Home’ – In Pictures" — The Guardian

A young woman holds a baby on an empty bed

"They Left Home. Now They Wait at the Border" — The New York Times

A girl in a makeshift tent uses a timer to takes a self-portrait at an informal migrant camp

"Los Angeles Confronts Its Shady Divide" – National Geographic

Aerial view of mansions in a tree-lined neighborhood

"Emotional Photos Show How Miami Is Holding Vigil For The Missing" — BuzzFeed News

A couple embraces with their backs facing the camera, looking on at a photo memorial

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