These Photos Prove That We Love Dyeing Things Green For St. Patrick's Day

My stomach hurts now, and most of these things aren't even edible. I'm sorry? You're welcome? Why are we like this?

Two alpaca are dyed green with red and pink harnesses, with cars in the background
Left, a green dog in a sweater walks on a road. right, a man with green hair and his face painted white and green
A view of the white house with a fountain in the foreground, the fountain is dyed green
a green beer tower with two hats on the right and a man adjusting it in a st patrick's day hat on the right
Left, a father and three kids in t shirts, all with green hair. right, a man with a green beard and goggles
a man with green fingernails and green hair holds up a beer for the camera
Niagara Falls at night with mist and green lights that make it look green, with a town in the background
a man in a green wig chugs green beer with some of it dripping, a woman drinks green beer behind him
left, a woman with shamrock stickers on her face and green hair, right, a man with a fake green beard and a facepainted green face and a green hat
An aerial view of the chicago river dyed bright green with bridges and buildings
a hand pets a dog dyed green who is wearing a little hat and beads
a kid with green hair and wearing green clothes sticks his tongue out and squats next to a bike with green ribbons and a balloon
left, a closeup with a man with a green mustache, right a white dog dyed green carried by a man in a striped shirt
A green and white cake that reads happy saint patrick's day

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