10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week was a difficult one for many people around the globe. COVID-19 is still devastating India, police in Colombia are cracking down on what started as a demonstration against pandemic-related tax reforms, and Israeli forces are bombarding Palestinians with airstrikes following the use of missiles by Hamas militants. For our photo roundup this week, we looked at photographs of the fighting on both sides.

In the United States, photographer Sinna Nasseri traveled the East Coast to document images of strange vaccination sites. Writer and photographer Xueying Chang used the opportunity provided for reflection during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month to speak with photographers from around the Asian diasporas on the hate and grief experienced by the Asian American community over the last year. Mary Beth Meehan captured people struggling to survive while living among billionaires in Silicon Valley, and Time magazine's Visions of Equity project, led by BIPOC staff, focused on the fight for racial justice.

Partially because the news has been so heavy, we appreciated some of the lighter things on the internet this week. Phyllis Ma found inspiration in the simple mushroom, while Winnie Au photographed Mr. Flower Fantastic, a multidisciplinary artist who was teased as a kid for his love of flowers but now makes incredible floral sculptures. We had the pleasure of working with Black Women Photographers on a piece for Mother's Day that looked at motherhood in different forms; we also published a post from Japanese photographer Noa Sonoda, who documented her daughter growing up. Rest of World, a journalism nonprofit, celebrated its one-year anniversary and published a day in the life of photographer Jean Chung on the road.

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"'If Hate Is a Virus, There Is No Vaccine': Asian Photographers Speak Out" — NPR

 A group of kids stand on a sidewalk corner and look around

"The Mushroom as Muse" — The New Yorker

A pile of mushrooms stacked on top of one another

"These Photographs Celebrate All Kinds of Motherhood" — BuzzFeed News

A woman leans over and ties a little girl's hair in a pigtail

"Portrait of a Photographer: Jean Chung’s Life on the Road" — Rest of World

Seen through a window, a woman wearing a face mask sits in a coffee shop in front of her laptop

"Visions of Equity" — Time

Members of the NorthStar Cycling Club at Gas Works Park in Seattle, during the club’s weekly “Sunday Service” ride, on May 2

"Horrifying Photographs Capture the Deadly Israeli–Palestinian Violence" — BuzzFeed News

Rockets are launched over the night sky above the southern Israeli city of Ashdod

"The Photographer Who Portrays the Realistic Version of Japanese Girlhood" — BuzzFeed News

At left, a girl's feet stick out of an inner tube over a bathtub; on the right, a girl blow-dries her hair in the mirror

"Mr. Flower Fantastic Is the Secret Superhero Challenging Your Perception of Flowers" — Sixtysix Magazine

A man wearing coveralls, sunglasses, and a gas mask stands among some floral sculptures, including the Drake OVO owl logo, Kobe Bryant's Lakers jersey, and the original Apple company logo

"The Strange New Life of Vaccine Sites" — The New York Times

Nurses wearing face masks and face shields chat in front of models of walruses at a museum

"In Uber-Rich Silicon Valley, Her Camera Captures Those Struggling to Survive" — The Washington Post

A man stands in the doorway of a small home where he lives

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