Gorgeous And Inventive Menorahs From Around The World To Celebrate Hanukkah

For the third day of Hanukkah, we looked at menorahs of all shapes and sizes from around the world.

A bunch of trucks with their ladders raised as menorahs
a giant menorah made of colorful blocks in the snow

A menorah made of chocolate with two children below it, stores in the background
a close up of a menorah with oil and wicks
a large menorah with a star of david photographed at night with an ornate building behind it
A menorah made of seashells sits below palm trees with a Christmas tree behind it
A menorah necklace glows against a persons scarf
A large unlit menorah is photographed from below, next to a temple and with a lot of greenery
A man on an orange ladder lights one of eight lanterns on a giant menorah
A truck with a giant menorah in the back of it parked outside a house
Two women dance outside a large menorah in brooklyn at night
A rabbi climbs a ladder to get to the top of an extremely tall lego menorah in front of a crowd
Two men light a menorah made of ice in front of a crowd
Menorahs and lanps and a tea set displayed on tables at an outdoor bazaar
A menorah decoration reads "happy chanukah," behind it you can see a large sign that reads "Village"
A man in roller skates site below a menorah made of PVC pipe, with a crowd behind him
A snow globe with a menorah inside, on a white background
Four people hold candles in a semi circle outside at a Hanukkah celebration, a large menorah is behind them

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