A Week After The Deadly Tornadoes, This Is How Kentucky Is Recovering

Multiple tornadoes touched down in several states last Friday, causing widespread destruction and leaving scores of people dead and injured.

Nearly a week after several states were hit by a series of tornadoes, the level of destruction, which has been most severe in Kentucky, is still being assessed. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said that 3,280 people are still without power almost seven days later, mostly in the town of Mayfield. Hundreds of homes and buildings were destroyed in the storm, and at least 77 people in the state have died. We looked at some photos that show how the area is recovering after the devastation.

A movie theater with the screen ripped off to show destruction and houses
A man carries boards past a destroyed house and pile of bricks after the tornado
A woman holds a toddler next to a building that has free food spray painted outside of it
A man with a broom takes a photo on a pile of bricks that says that god is good beaten but not defeated
A man sits in the doorway of a destroyed home with signs that read tvs and ids already stolen so is the vcr you can have the nikes
A man pushes a home depot cart full of food through a relief supple stop in kentucky
Four women pick up baskets, boxes, and merry christmas decorations
A woman hugs another woman at a vigil outside at night in kentucky
Three women and one man prepare food to distribute to the needy in kentucky, a pile of clothing is behind them
A young boy and his mother with two candles during a vigil, people behind them
A group of people helping to pass items over debris at a destroyed house
A woman passes a box of belongings over to a flat area over at her destroyed home
A man and woman in safety vests outside a salvation army emergency disaster truck distributing food
Two people load beer out from a cooler in a destroyed liquor store
Workers on top and below a barn try to repair it, all wearing denim and Amish hats
An aerial view of a destroyed town in kentucky
A damaged courthouse with the roof missing in parts, the flag down, and flowers and wreaths along the fence

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