Fun Photos Of All The Wild Hats People Wear To New York City's Easter Parade

No one loves a batshit-crazy hat like New Yorkers on Easter.

The New York City Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival down Fifth Avenue is a curious thing. It seems as though a casual stroll down Fifth Avenue just happened one day in the 1800s, not city sanctioned or devised by a certain church group, and was pleasant enough that the stroll attracted more and more people in their Easter finery until it became a full-blown attraction unto itself. Today, church service isn't as much of a prerequisite for the parade as it is something that happens alongside the revelers in their fancy hats. We looked back at some of the more fun millinery from recent years, ahead of the parade's planned return this Sunday, April 17.

A woman wearing a lage floral arrangement and a man in a matching suit
A woman wearing a large hat that says Happy Easter
A peson wearing a hat made out of jellybeans and cups to look like a giant flower
Two women in black hats and necklaces made of Easter eggs carrying baskets that look like peeps pose with a man in a purple suit
A woman wearing a large headdress and earrings smiles at the camera
A woman in a hat that looks like a cake covered in flowers and a woman in an elaborate hat covered with easter eggs
A woman wearing a silver embellished mask stands amid a crowd of people on the street
Four women with hats and elaborate costumes pose in the street
A woman with a baseball hat covered in peace and love signs
A woman wearing a large hat with flowers swirls around
Men with hats covered in shoes smile
A man in a very high hat decorated with stuffed animals stands by an NYPD car as many people walk by
Smiling people with hats covered in flowers
Close-up of colorful hat decorated with paper flowers worn by a woman
Three women in hats covered with baubles and balloons
A woman with a large pink hat covered in ribbons
Two men with top hats covered in flowers
A woman with a hat that looks like a globe and says Save Me
A giant pink hat with pink fringe in a crowd of churchgoers
A smiling man holds up two toy dogs wearing jackets, hats, and sunglasses
A group of women, some kneeling, smile in their Easter Sunday best
A man in a large, colorful hat gives the peace sign

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