America's Inflated Gas Prices Echo The Fuel Shortages Of The 1970s

After President Biden blocked Russian oil imports, we looked back at images of the 1970s gas lines as a reminder of how foreign crises affect Americans at home.

In the 1970s, gas shortages during the OPEC crisis meant incredibly long wait times at the pump, staggered fill-up days based on license plates, and often no gas at all at some stations. As the situation with Russian troops invading Ukraine escalates and the world fears further conflict, Americans are worrying about what it means for them as stocks plummet and gas prices change. After President Joe Biden blocked Russian oil imports in new sanctions against the Kremlin, we looked back at images of the 1970s gas lines as a reminder of how international crises affect Americans at home.

A person with a mustache wearing a beanie reads a newspaper with the headline "Gas Rationing Set Monday"
A sign resting against a car with the hood popped up reads "Open for Service, Sorry No Gas"
Near a line of cars, stand-up sign sits on the pavement at a gas station reads "Odd number plates only, last digit must be odd number"
A sign at a Chevron station reads "due to cutbacks in gas allocations, gas will be pumped only from 7:30am to 11am"
A nun wearing a habit and cross necklace carries a gas pump at a station
A person standing behind a line of cars pushes his lawnmower
A spray-painted sign reads "pumps closed" outside a gas station

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