8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, many of us are looking to Glasgow, where world leaders and climate activists have gathered for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). The most recent climate predictions have been dire, to say the least, so this week we spent extra time reading and reporting out climate stories. From National Geographic, photographs from around the world show the climate crisis unfolding in real time. We also highlighted Michael O. Snyder's project looking at how rising sea levels will affect the Chesapeake Bay. We looked at raw photos of landfills to get some sense of the scale of the garbage produced around the world.

Americans celebrated Halloween last weekend, and photographer Adam Powell captured some of the best street scenes in New York City. With the help of the New York Public Library's archives, we also looked back at Larry Racioppo's photographs of Park Slope trick-or-treaters from the 1970s. And the AP documented images from the Mexican villages trying to preserve the customs of the Day of the Dead. We also loved Frank Herfort's photographs of stunning Soviet-era metro stations, as well as the collaborative and hilarious pairings of Magnum photographer Martin Parr's snapshots with found images from the Anonymous Project.

"How Climate Change Is Changing the Coastline of the Chesapeake Bay" — BuzzFeed News

A man standing at the beach holding a long measuring stick with a taped marking at his shoulders

"Photos Show a Climate Change Crisis Unfolding — and Hope for the Future" — National Geographic

A massive glacier with vertical lines sits over the water under an overcast sky

"A Photographer on the Prowl Captured New York City's Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes" — BuzzFeed News

Five people dressed as the Scooby-Doo gang take a seat on a Washington Square Park bench with a small dog

"Raw Photos of Landfills Show the Extreme Amount of Waste Humans Produce" — BuzzFeed News

An aerial view of the Aleksinsky Karyer solid waste landfill with a truck carrying more trash driving through it

"Mexican Villages Try to Preserve Authentic Day of the Dead" — Associated Press

candles, baskets and flowers at a shrine for day of the dead

"Photos of ’70s Halloween Trick-or-Treaters That Will Melt Your Cold Heart" — BuzzFeed News

A young kid dressed as a skeleton stands beside a child dressed as Frankenstein's monster

"Splitting Images: the Amateur Snaps Twinned With Martin Parr’s" — The Guardian

Two side-by-side photos show two buff men in swim briefs next to a bay beside an image of three buff men at the beach showing off their muscles

"The Stunning Grandeur of Soviet-Era Metros" — The New York Times

A symmetrical view of a train station with two trains on either side, commuters waiting, and a hexagon light fixture overhead in a large tunnel

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