10 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

In New York City, we're still riding the high of the first New York City Marathon since 2019. We looked back at photographs of the marathon, starting from the very first one, which looped Central Park in 1970. We also collected photos of poignant airport reunions around the world as countries, including the US, lifted travel restrictions to vaccinated visitors. The photographer Spandita Malik will be heading back to India when the restrictions lift, to continue her photo work, a harsh critique on gendered violence in her home country.

Kaitlyn McNab wrote about the myth that dark skin is harder to photograph, and Max Whittaker photographed people in California who lost their homes in the Caldor fire, after finding themselves priced out of homes elsewhere in the state. David Doubilet's stunning underwater photographs show us what life is like under the sea. We also loved Georgia O'Keeffe's photographs up close by Lauren Moya Ford, wild parakeets in London, and photographer Chantal Regnault's images of early ballroom and voguing.

"These Beautiful Images Are a Harsh Critique of Gendered Violence in India" — BuzzFeed News

A woman stands next to an embroidered column, with an embroidered veil on her face

"Georgia O’Keeffe’s Photographs, Seen Closely for the First Time" — Hyperallergic

Todd Webb, "Georgia O’Keeffe With Camera" (1959), printed later, inkjet print

"Amazing Photos of Airport Reunions After the Coronavirus Pandemic Separated Families" — BuzzFeed News

Daniel Guerrero hugs his 3-year-old son, Milan, after Milan arrived at Logan International Airport from the Dominican Republic on Nov. 8, 2021

"They Moved to Rural California for Affordable Homes. Then the Caldor Fire Destroyed the Town." — The Wall Street Journal

A road ends in ash remnants and debris after a fire, surrounded by bare trees

"Here’s How Fans Spoke Up for Britney Spears When No One Else Would" — BuzzFeed News

A woman wears a pink "Free Britney" mask

"Wild Parakeets, Far From Their Native Land, Have Taken a Liking to London" — National Geographic

Park visitors offer food to ring-necked parakeets in Kensington Park, London

"Why the Myth That Dark Skin Is Harder to Photograph Persists" — Allure

Close-up of a woman whose hands, with long fingernails, are held up to her face and her eyes closed

"In Vogue: How Photographer Chantal Regnault Captured the Harlem Ball Scene’s Rise to Fame" – It's Nice That

Black-and-white photo of people in various dramatic poses

"These Gorgeous Underwater Photos Show Us What Life Is Like Under the Sea" — BuzzFeed News

A group of young children are seen underwater

"Inspiring Vintage Photos of the New York Marathon to Mark Its 50th Year" – BuzzFeed News

Two runners at the 1978 New York City Marathon

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