8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

We're all ready for some version of life as it was prepandemic — and a little warm weather wouldn’t hurt, either. We aren't out of it yet, but the project "Pandemic Perspectives" looked back at how people across countries, cultures, faiths, economic statuses, and age groups have responded to the coronavirus pandemic. For BuzzFeed News, Lili Kobielski photographed the hustle culture surrounding the Kentucky Derby, and Sophie Harris-Taylor photographed new fathers for Creative Review. Lynsey Weatherspoon photographed essential workers in Bessemer, Alabama. And we spoke with digital strategist and curator JiaJia Fei about the 10 images that have influenced her and shaped her career, bridging the gap between physical and digital art spaces as the NFT boom continues to draw attention.

The AP put the spotlight on a surgeon and father in Sudan who is now a refugee — and helping people in a similarly precarious position. Arianna Todisco photographed the “walkers” of Italy, nomadic Sicilian wanderers, and their tradition of selling balloons. And Go Nakamura crossed the US–Mexico border at night with people who are risking everything for the chance of a better life.

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"Into NFTs? Digital Strategist JiaJia Fei Shared the 10 Images That Have Made Her Career." — BuzzFeed News

Two young men dressed as women in the back of a New York City cab

"Sophie Harris-Taylor Photographs New Fathers in Her Latest Series" — Creative Review

A man looking at the camera holds his young son, who is looking away from the camera

"'They Have to Give Up Everything': A Photographer Captures the Human Drama at the Border" — Vanity Fair

A father and two children get out of a boat at the border

"The Most Famous Horse Race In America Also Breeds an Underground Economy" — BuzzFeed News

Three women in fancy dresses walk through a neighborhood on their way to the Kentucky Derby

"Refugee Doctor Chronicles Tigray's Pain as He Treats It" — the Associated Press

A man cleans a wound and makes a cast for a refugee

"Bessemer, Alabama: Portraits of the American Worker" — Fast Company

A triptych of three people working in different environments

"The ‘Walkers’ of Sicily Survive on the Tradition of Selling Balloons" — the Washington Post

Two young boys play in front of an older Italian woman holding a Minnie Mouse balloon

"Pandemic Perspectives" — PBS Frontline

A woman in a mask in a black-and-white photo holds a color Polaroid of a mask up to her face

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