7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

It was hard to comprehend the escalating violence in Gaza as it unfolded this week — we spoke with Ashraf Amra for our Sunday newsletter and on Instagram to try to understand what it was like to cover such horrific violence. In the US, Christian K. Lee photographed Black gun owners in a project that lays bare negative stereotypes and aims to change them. Katerina Vo's "Fatherland" project looks critically at the American dream, nationalism, and nostalgia. Aaron Gekoski photographs people living among the dead at a graveyard in the Philippines, and Jamie Lafferty photographed an abandoned Soviet ghost town in the Arctic.

We also spoke with Robin Schwartz about a lifetime of working with animals and "exploring interspecies relationships," and with Tommy Kha about his self-portraiture, the arts industry, and covering the American South.

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"These Photos Explore the Amazing Relationships Between Humans and Animals" — BuzzFeed News

The photographer's daughter lying on a blanket and feeding a baby tiger with a bottle

"Armed Doesn’t Mean Dangerous" — The Washington Post Magazine

A couple embracing in front of their garage, each is holding a gun which they display for the camera

"Fatherland" — Lens Culture

A man holding a gun in camoflage barely distinguishable from hedges faces the camera

"Dogs and Humans Live Among the Gravestones in Pasay Cemetery, Philippines" — The Guardian

A man with two dogs and two cats sits on a cot in a graveyard in the Philippines

"He's Asian American, Queer, and Southern. His Photos Are Iconically American." — BuzzFeed News

A mans face taped to a bust statue with crystals around it on a pedestal

"Glimpses of a Soviet Ghost Town on an Arctic Norwegian Isle" — The New York Times

An abandoned area with pipes, debris, covered in dust

"Whimsical Tableaux Set in the World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes" — Feature Shoot

Two men dressed as superman sitting with their backs to each other in a desert landscape

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