8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

In the US, we witnessed a lot of violence this week. The mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado; continued attacks on Asian Americans and the fallout of the Atlanta shooting; and, of course, the ongoing pandemic. It's a difficult time, and we hope you're taking care of yourselves. For us at BuzzFeed News, we looked at some of the most striking photos on the internet this week to help us process. We also looked at images from the Manzanar detention camp for Japanese Americans in the US and the complicated history of anti–Asian American racism in the country. We had the pleasure of speaking with art collector and visionary Helen Kornblum, who donated 100 works by women artists to the Museum of Modern Art earlier this year.

Julio Cortez tracked one girl's solo journey to the US border, showing the risks some parents take to give their children better opportunities. In Somalia, photographers Fardowsa Hussein and Hana Mire are working with the Somali Arts Foundation to give women photographers in the country some visibility and recognition for their craft. JEB's photographs of lesbians from decades ago harken back to a time when finding your people wasn't as easy as googling them.

Gabrielle Lurie shared some of the images that led to her being named Local Photographer of the Year in the Bay Area. And in the New York Times, Kholood Eid looked at what life without burlesque is like for the performers. The hot fit on the internet this week was Vladimir Putin's snowsuit as he vacationed in Siberia — you can see the full photo essay and more below.

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"Vladimir Putin Takes a Holiday in Siberia — in Pictures" — the Guardian

Vladimir Putin by an all-terrain vehicle in a forest, dressed in a sweatsuit

"These Vintage Photos Show the Forgotten History of the Lesbian Community" — BuzzFeed News

Two Black women smiling and embracing, wearing 1970s clothing

"Somalia Photography: 'I Want It to Be Normal for Women to Take Photos'" — BBC

Two women looking into the water

"These Photos Show the US Has a Long History of Racism Toward Asian Americans" — BuzzFeed News

Tom Kobayashi looks off into the mountains at the Manzanar Relocation Center

"What Is Life Without Burlesque?" — the New York Times

Burlesque dancer Maine Attraction holding up large a feather near her face

"One Woman Didn’t See Herself Represented in Art. She Set Out to Change That." — BuzzFeed News

A woman playing with a puzzle in a wooden veneered room

"See the Bay Area Images That Won Gabrielle Lurie Recognition as Local Photographer of the Year" — the San Francisco Chronicle

Two women in a car in a drive-in movie theater parking lot

"Girl's Solo Journey to US Border Shows Risks Parents Take" — Associated Press

A young girl walks quickly on a path at night

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