6 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Summer is in full effect in the US, and whatever that means for your corner of the country, we hope you're taking some time to enjoy it. For the 4th of July, we asked five photographers from different states to document their days and how they feel about the 4th. As America pulls out of Afghanistan after 20 years, we look at the past two decades of war in photos that raise a lot of questions about our involvement and what's next.

Ryan McGinley spoke with AnOther Magazine about the influence of photographer Mark Morrisroe, and photographer Kathy Willens retired from the Associated Press after 45 years. “The Land of Milk and Honey,” by creative director Alexander Julian, celebrates immigrants and first-generation Americans while looking at the pursuit of the so-called American Dream. Across the Pacific, rescue operations continue as one Japanese town recovers from torrential mudslides.

"How Americans Around the Country Celebrated Independence Day" — BuzzFeed News

A car with flames painted on it drives through Brooklyn with a man and a woman in the front seat

"AP Photographer Kathy Willens Retires After Nearly 45 Years" — Associated Press

A younger Muhammad Ali being fitted for boxing headgear in a training gym, from the chest up

"Ryan McGinley on the Intimate, Cinematic Photographs of Mark Morrisroe" — AnOther Magazine

A young man looks at the camera in front of a tree in a framed photo

"Rescue Operations Continue in Japanese Town Struck by Mudslide" — The Atlantic

A woman holds an umbrella and stands in front of a giant mudslide in front of houses

"A New Portrait Series Celebrates Immigrant Communities Throughout the U.S." — Conde Nast Traveler

A couple stands in front of a Mercedes with grocery bags and baskets

"These Images From the War in Afghanistan Raise a Lot Of Questions About What's Next" — BuzzFeed News

A young man stands with a gun in front of a bullet riddled building in Afghanistan

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