9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

There's a lot to celebrate this week — Year of the Tiger! Lunar New Year! Black History Month! We loved Stephanie Shih's incredibly smart and gorgeously detailed Asian American still lifes. (What makes a still life "Asian American"? Read the piece!) CNN looked at how people celebrated the arrival of Lunar New Year around the world. We also looked at the incredible life of James Van Der Zee, one of the most influential photographers of New York from the time of the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.

Magalí Druscovich photographed women in Argentina who are in prison for drug offenses, and Pete Kiehart looked at what life in Ukraine has been like during this tumultuous time. Victor Eddeh's beautiful portraits were featured in It's Nice That, and AnOther magazine looked at Ezra Petronio's super-fun Polaroids of some of the most famous faces in fashion.

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"This Former Food Blogger’s Still Life Photos Showcase Asian American Experiences Through Art" — BuzzFeed News

A large bouquet showing some flowers and an assortment of donuts

"Colour and Vibrancy Define Victor Eddeh’s Attention-Grabbing Photography" — It's Nice That

A person with blonde hair and vibrant eye makeup sitting on the arm of a chair and holding a large bouquet of flowers

"The Women Filling Jails in Argentina for Drug Offences — a Photo Essay" — The Guardian

A young woman "sunbathes" on the patio of her prison ward

"He Photographed Harlem’s Renaissance. Here’s What Those Photos Look Like Today." — BuzzFeed News

A black-and-white photograph of a couple in Harlem in 1932, with the man sitting in a car and the woman standing in a fur coat in front of it

"In Pictures: Lunar New Year 2022" — CNN

Smiling children look at decorations in Yongzhou, China

"You Need to See These Famous Photographs Re-Created With Toilet Paper" — BuzzFeed News

An arm with a watch extended, with the hand holding a toilet roll, with an empty city road as a backdrop

"Ezra Petronio’s Polaroids of Fashion’s Most Famous Faces" — AnOther Magazine

"What's Life Like in Ukraine When a Russian Invasion Seems Imminent? Pretty Normal, TBH." — BuzzFeed News

DJs play a set amid red lighting at Gnezdo Bar in Kyiv

"These Photos Show Just How Tight Security Is for the Winter Olympics" — BuzzFeed News

Security personnel, wearing blue masks, stand outside an entrance to the Closed Loop "bubble" area created to prevent the spread of COVID-19 near the National Stadium

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