8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

What images did we turn to this week to inform ourselves, find hope, or soothe our election-addled brains? In this week's collection of photo stories, we start with historical images of people anxiously awaiting election results, followed by a series on some of the most moving images from Election Day before it became Election Week. After that, check out photographer Lauren Justice's portraits, illuminating how incredibly divided Wisconsin really was going into voting on Nov. 3. Then, we scoured the web for the most beautiful, interesting, and uncommon places where Americans voted. Gen Z photographers also captured first-time voters around the country ahead of the election, and they shared their reasons for voting.

Need a break from politics? We spoke with a photographer and an astronaut who teamed up to bring you a book that looks at 20 years of the International Space Station, and were soothed by a glance at life among the caretakers of Britain's small islands. And we looked at Antwaun Sargent's Just Pictures, which runs for two more weeks in St. Louis.

Don't forget to sign up for our photo newsletter, JPG. This week, we speak with Rashod Taylor about his project My America.

"This Isn't The First Time People Have Anxiously Waited For Election Returns" — BuzzFeed News

A man in a suit holds both hands up to his temples, surrounded by paper-covered walls filled with numbers describing election results

"Antwaun Sargent Continues to Champion Black Photographers — This Time in 'Just Pictures'" — CNN

A side profile of a Black woman with great hair looks to the right against an orange background

"A Moving Portrait Series Shows How Divided Wisconsin Really Is" — BuzzFeed News

On the left, a woman in a vest stands in a field; on the right, a young woman with braids and jewelry stands in front of a tree

"Here Are The Most Powerful Photos From Election Day" — BuzzFeed News

A Black man in a blue hoodie wears a face mask that says "Vote"

"Gen Z Photographers Capture the Joy and Anxiety of First-Time Voters" — Vogue

"The Weirdest And Coolest Polling Places Where America Voted" — BuzzFeed News

A man wearing a face mask stands behind a ballot booth at a polling place inside a laundromat

"If You Were To Leave Earth Right Now, This Is Where You Would Live" — BuzzFeed News

A view of Earth from the International Space Station

"A Glance at Daily Life Among the Caretakers of Britain's Small Islands" — the New York Times

A lighthouse is visible in the distance; in the foreground, a home on an island

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