9 Photo Stories To Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

One of the best things about looking around the internet this week is that all of the amazing photo stories took my mind off the Sex and the City reboot. Priceless! We were thrilled to talk with Isla P. Gordon and Ashley Kaye about how their photography and marriage changed during the pandemic. We also could not get enough of Dolly Faibyshev's photographs of the Yeezy jacket out in the world. On the West Coast, Gabrielle Lurie has heartbreaking photos of a mother who travels to San Francisco after the death of one child to try to get her remaining daughter to get help for her fentanyl addiction.

We also loved the photographs from the winners of the LensCulture black-and-white image contest, and National Geographic's 2021 roundup of the year in pictures. It was the anniversary of both the attack on Pearl Harbor and John Lennon's death, and so we took a look back at photos of each. Finally, photographer Yara Nardi documented an Italian teen with no hands finding freedom in acrobatic pole dancing.

"How This Couple Used Photography to Figure Out the Messy Process of Identity" — BuzzFeed News

a person lays on the grass-covered in clippings wearing red lipstick
Ashley Kaye and Isla P. Gordon

"Feeling Rich in the Yeezy Gap Jacket" — The New York Times

a man in a blue puffy jacket looks for a seat on the subway while people look at him
Dolly Faibyshev for The New York TImes

"She Set Out to Save Her Daughter From Fentanyl. She Had No Idea What She Would Face on the Streets of San Francisco." — The San Francisco Chronicle

a woman does drugs in a car while her mother watches
Gabrielle Lurie / The Chronicle

"Black & White Photograph Award Winners 2021" — Lens Culture

A man and woman sitting on a fallen log by a river with trees in the background
José Ibarra Rizo

"2021: Year in Pictures" — National Geographic

A man in a blue mask and scrubs stands at the top of a mountain overlooking green, tree-lined hills and mountains in the distance
Dar Yasin

"These Photos of the Pearl Harbor Attack Are Still Shocking 80 Years Later" — BuzzFeed News

A destroyed battleship at Pearl Harbor as two onlookers stand bottom left
Fox Photos / Getty Images

"Meet the Italian Teen With One Leg and No Hands Finding Freedom in Acrobatic Pole Dancing" — Reuters

A girl who does not have hands and has a prosthetic leg on a stripper pole in her house
Yara Nardi / Reuters

"Looking Back at the Undeniable Impact of John Lennon, Who Died 41 Years Ago" — BuzzFeed News

John Lennon in a turtleneck standing in a car
United Archives via Getty Images

"Argentina Recorded More Than 250 Femicides in 2020, One Every 35 Hours" — The Washington Post

A woman in a mask holds up a sign for a missing woman in a crowd of people walking past her
Sarah Pabst