8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we continue to feel the ever-present effects of climate change. Whether it's a 100-degree heat index in your city or the wildfires raging in Greece and California, our new normal is impossible to ignore. We took a look at the impact that fires are having around the globe. Now that the Olympics have wrapped up in Tokyo, some photographers look back at their favorite images from the 2020 Games. Photographer Lanna Apisukh spent years documenting the cool-girl skateboarding culture, and her pictures will make you want to go out and learn to ollie.

In China, a group of elephants migrating hundreds of miles has captured hearts and imaginations, and Welsh photographer Claire Thomas shared images and her love for horses in photographs from her time working on a dude ranch in Wyoming. Buck Ellison photographed what old money looks like and who pays for it, as seen in the New Yorker. Jake Michaels traveled to Belize to photograph a Mennonite community there that seems frozen in time.

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"People Have Fallen in Love With This Herd of Wild Elephants Looking for a New Habitat in China" — BuzzFeed News

A large elephant with its trunk raised stands amid greenery against a cloud-filled blue sky

"What Old Money Looks Like in America, and Who Pays for It" — The New Yorker

A group of conservatively dressed children sit or stand in room with a rug, fireplace, paintings, and bookshelves

"These Photos Show the Immense Scale of the Wildfires Ravaging Greece" — BuzzFeed News

A standing woman holds her dog close to her chest in front of a barbed-wire fence as a fire burns in the background

"Meet Belize's Secluded Mennonites, a Community Frozen in Time" — CNN

A young Mennonite boy holds his hand in front of his face, wearing overalls and a white collared shirt

"These Photos Perfectly Capture Just How Cool Skateboarders Are" — BuzzFeed News

A young girl in a cow-print shirt holding a skateboard in front of a painted brick wall

"Our Photographers’ Favorite Olympic Images"— The New York Times

Tokyo's new National Stadium, as seen from the observation level of a nearby skyscraper with people reflected so that they appear on the skyline

"Our Roundup of July’s Photography Competition Winners" — Feature Shoot

The photographer's mother lying down in the backyard, photographed from above

"Scenes From a Dude Ranch on the High Plains" — The New York Times

Four people on horseback on a ridge under a cloudy sky, with a dead tree to their right
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