8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we're hoping that these April showers will pay off next month. We looked back on the best years of Freaknik — Atlanta's famous street party — for some warm weather inspiration and examined the link between Washington, DC's cherry trees and the infamous cherry blossom season in Japan. Francis Kokoroko looked at the skate girls of Ghana, and Vogue analyzed some of the best White House weddings ahead of Naomi Biden's announcement that her presidential grandparents will host her wedding there in November.

Joe Webb's dystopian collages hold a surprisingly simple secret, and Adam Powell photographed the back-from-the-dead Kim's Video for the New York Times. In Ukraine, James Nachtwey photographed the atrocities in Bucha for the New Yorker, and Aperture looked back at decades of dissident Ukrainian photography.

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"There's No Party Like Freaknik: Photos of Atlanta's Favorite Street Party" — BuzzFeed News

Three young woman in shorts and halter tops or a short dress pose for a camera

"The Grandest White House Weddings in History" — Vogue

At the wedding of Edward Finch Cox and Tricia Nixon, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake as guests look on

"It's Cherry Blossom Season and the Photos Are Gorgeous" — BuzzFeed News

A person wearing a scarf is seen from behind taking pictures of cherry blossoms

"Collecting Bodies in Bucha" — The New Yorker

A man stands amid a barren area with several corpses lying on the ground in a black-and-white photo

"Meet the Ghanaian 'Skate Gal' Inspiring Girls to Ride" — Reuters

Twins Adelaide and Adeline Yeboah, 18, sit with their skateboards before practicing

"The Dissident Photographers of Ukraine" — Aperture

A print of a man standing behind a woman and touching her neck is overlaid by contrasting images of broken lines

"‘A 1950s Idea of the Future That Went Wrong’: Joe Webb’s Dystopian Collages – in Pictures" — The Guardian

"Cosmic Brew 1976": A teacup and saucer appear to be held with outerspace as a backdrop as milk is poured into the cup

"Kim’s Video Is Back. What Even Is a Video Store in 2022?" — The New York Times

A "Hang in There, Baby" poster showing a kitten hanging on to a pole appears on a wall behind two stacks of VHS videotapes on a table

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