7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This weekend, we celebrate the 52nd Earth Day. We looked at Billy Hickey's photographs of female falconers in New England and how the sport survives today. Jesse Rieser crisscrossed the American West, looking at American gun culture in its many forms. I'm still laughing at Sinna Nasseri's photographs of actor Nicolas Cage, and NPR looked at Black and Latinx New Yorkers reframing their experiences through archival photos. Stephen Shore meditated on his career in photography in the Washington Post, and the Guardian looks at islands in photographs. Vinca Petersen launched a print sale for Ukraine, featured in AnOther Magazine.

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"These Photos Will Make You Think About Just How Many Guns Americans Own" — BuzzFeed News

A woman sits behind a desk and cleans her gun

"Nicolas Cage Is In on the Nicolas Cage Jokes" — The New York Times

Nicolas Cage  looks at himself in the mirror as a close-up of him touching his face appears in a circle in the middle

"The Power and the Beauty of Female Falconers" — BuzzFeed News

A person gives a falcon a drink from a spray bottle labeled "Delta Orbital Sprayer"

"Vinca Petersen Has Launched an Exhibition and Print Sale for Ukraine" — AnOther Magazine

"Horse Cults and Explosives! Images Inspired by Islands — in Pictures" — The Guardian

The outline of a horse figure created on a hillside

"Black and Latinx New Yorkers Reframe Their Experiences Through Archival Photos" — NPR

A smiling, seated woman embraces a young boy standing next to her

"A Photographer Meditates on His Craft — and What Shapes It" — The Washington Post

Various objects on the ground, including a plastic six-pack ring, bottles, and a stack of stonework, are shown next to a person's feet

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