8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we looked back — way back — at vintage photos of spring break for the MTV generation that are pretty much guaranteed to make you feel old. We also loved Dee Dwyer's photographs of Gen Z youth in the Washington, DC, area as they join conversations centered on what support they need from the city during difficult times. Fotografiska's show on nudes has work by 30 female photographers reconsidering the gaze on the naked female form, and Aperture looked at dissident Ukrainian photographers.

I know we've all moved on from "The Slap," but earlier this week, we looked at three decades of Will and Jada's relationship. National Geographic documented the retrieval of Masha the bear from Ukraine; High Country News looked at Jennie Ross Cobb, the first-known female Native American photographer; and Alex ten Napel takes glamorous photos of chickens. For more photo stories from around the internet, sign up for our newsletter.

"These Almost Vintage Photos of Spring Breakers Will Make You Feel Drunk" — BuzzFeed News

Two women sitting on beach towels watch as a stream of spring breakers walk along Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1997

"Hens and Roosters Fly the Coop and Strut Into the Spotlight in Alex ten Napel’s Portraits" — Colossal

A colorful rooster with thick plumage stares at the camera while standing on a granite surface

"These 30 Women Photographers Look at Nudes in a Fresh New Way" — BuzzFeed News

Two people's entangled torsos as their heads touch, and one person lying face-up in water

"Voices of Wards 7 And 8, Youth Edition: ‘Some Adults Won’t Just Believe in Us’" — DCist

Two rows of boys and girls in jackets and other outerwear sit or stand

"Take a Look Back at Three Decades of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Relationship" — BuzzFeed News

Will gestures toward his wife on the red carpet

"Images From the First-Known Native American Female Photographer" — High Country News

Women in turn-of-the-century hats and long dresses, with men wearing overalls and hats behind them, walk along train tracks under construction in Oklahoma in 1902

"The Dissident Photographers of Ukraine" — Aperture

A man stands behind a woman and touches her shoulder

"Inside the Heroic Effort to Rescue Masha the Bear From Ukraine" — National Geographic

A large bear in a crate in a truck

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