These Almost Vintage Photos Of Spring Breakers Will Make You Feel Drunk

If you spot your parents here, fun dinnertime conversation!

In the 1990s, beach spots like Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach became hot spots for a specific type of college student — the spring breaker. Capitalizing on hot young college students in thong bikinis (style is cyclical!), the music video channel MTV set up temporary operations for a week in March 1986, broadcasting live coverage for up to eight hours a day. In a lot of ways, this coverage was a run-up to the reality shows we see now and turned into a massive production that drew throngs of students and young people looking for a good time every year. We looked back at some early photos of spring break in Florida as it turned into all-caps SPRING BREAK in the ’90s and into the 2000s.

the backsides of four women in heels and thong bikinis in front of a crowd
two men on podiums try to knock each other off with giant inflatable q tips
three people sitting on the back of a car with other beachgoers around them and the ocean in the background
A road with cars and people walking that is a main drag with buildings around it
left, a woman with a beer bong surrounded by friends outside, right, one woman takes a picture of another on a beach
a young woman in a blue cutout bathing suit with a group of young men behind her taking photos next to a pool
a man performs a strip tease on a colorful boardwalk in front of a large crowd
two people dance on stage in front of a huge crowd with a large inflatable MTV logo behind them
two women lean back on towels photographed from behind with another group of beachgoers in the foreground
a group of shirtless young men pour beer all over each other on a beach with buildings behind them
a group of people walk in between rows of cars with people sitting on car roofs on a beach
young men play volleyball on the beach with a row of cars behind them
a skimpily clad couple sit by a pool as the man holds the woman
young people indoors wearing bathing suits handing sheets of paper to an older clothed woman
A man hula hoops in the foreground while a group of shirtless young men in board shorts cheer him on with buildings in the background
three young men in sunglasses and with no shirts drink beer in front of a pool
two girls in bathing suits are pushed up against the window of a car as people crowd around
three young men lie down and sunbathe with a pile of beach furniture behind them

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