7 Of The Most Powerful Photo Stories On The Internet This Week

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

It's been a good week for GameStop, but it's been an even better week for photography on the internet. We loved that the New York Times took a look at what gamers are wearing on and off camera. Visualization is important, which is why we explored how a decade of green investment has shaped Iceland's hopes for a carbon neutral future.

Despite the good news, we are in fact still in a pandemic. The Washington Post has a moving series on how hospital chaplains continue to support and comfort patients who are denied visits from their families, and the New Yorker highlights the dying art of mourning, a topic still not discussed enough in modern culture.

A lot of us just want to be DONE with this pandemic, and we're finding hope in the COVID-sniffing dogs seen working around the world, of which the Atlantic has done a nice roundup. If you're also at the point where you watch TV shows and reflexively wince when someone goes outside without a mask, do not miss the Magnum story on department stores for a reminder of what once was. And finally, we look at one photographer's crusade to expose a piece of Puerto Rican folklore that wasn't folklore after all.

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"This Is What Iceland Looks Like After a Decade of Green Technology Investment" — BuzzFeed News

"What Does a Gamer Look Like?" — The New York Times

"A Greek Photographer’s Ode to the Dying Art of Mourning" — The New Yorker

"The Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID" — The Atlantic

"The Glamour of the Department Store" — Magnum

"This Photographer Is Looking Back at Decades of Secret Puerto Rican History" — BuzzFeed News

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