With COVID Cases At Record Lows, It Feels Like Everyone In America Is Outside

Americans may not agree on everything, but one thing is for sure right now: Everyone wants out of the house.

A crowd of people, most unmasked, wearing Boston sports gear in the stands at Fenway Park
A group of children smiling and laughing, with their parents, on the side of the road
Groups of people sitting on benches in the sunshine on Fisherman's Wharf, some are unmasked
Overhead view of a boy going down a waterslide, with people in a water park behind him
Groups of people, most unmasked, walking up a hiking trail in Yosemite National Park
Two shirtless men lounge in the forefront with a huge crowd of people behind them in a park
A crowd of people raise their hands as they watch a concert on a packed street in Las Vegas
A view of people lounging on the grass and walking under an overpass
People gather maskless indoors at a restaurant with many pictures of Elvis on its walls
A group of NYU graduates in purple robes and graduation caps stand in front of a fountain
Two men in shorts throw footballs past the camera
Groups of maskless people walk downtown in Des Moines on a rainy day
Three women in hats in front of a human-made fountain and a lake
A woman on a bench with her friend watch a couple do acro-yoga, and a boy walks through the forefront of the camera

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