Fun Photos Of Americans Wearing The Flag Instead Of Waving It

Americans like to wave their flag, but more than that, they like to wear it.

Two people on a motorbike wear the US flag on their heads
Two dogs with flag kerchiefs as harnesses and other red, white, and blue accessories
A toddler with a USA headband and red and white shirt
A man wearing a flag Speedo
A young girl wearing a flag dress at a parade
A woman wearing a flag hat with a flag fan and a flag shirt
A person wearing an American flag shirt, Toyota cap, and large headphones sits with their back toward the camera
A man wearing a US flag Speedo and chicken head mask stands with a US flag draped over his shoulders
A man and a woman with their backs turned toward the camera wear flag-themed outfits, showing a bald eagle
A man walks with his hands behind his backs with US flag shorts and socks of different colors and patterns, showing different parts of the flag
Close-up of a person wearing sunglasses and a US flag top and red Statue of Liberty–type crown
Close-up of shirt showing the American flag, White House, and other US government buildings

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