The Weirdest And Coolest Polling Places Where Americans Voted

O beautiful for spacious halls.

How we voted this year took planning, preparation, and determination. Whether it was by mail, dropping off a ballot at a ballot box, voting early or showing up to the polls on Nov. 3, Americans look to be on track to break the highest voter-turnout rate in over a century.

Much like the diversity of the US, not every polling site looked the same. From Fenway Park in Boston, to Osmanthus Dim Sum restaurant in San Francisco, we looked at some of the most unique places Americans cast their ballots leading up to and on Election Day.

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Man dropping ballot in red box at a restaurant.
Man voting at a laundromat.
Man voting in front of a portrait of Frida Kahlo.
Voters in an extravagant theater,
People voting underneath a giant moose head.
Man reviewing his ballot in front of a pool table.
Woman in a Playboy Bunny costume at a voting booth on an enclosed rooftop.
People voting underneath a giant discount sign.
People at desks with polling centers in a well-lit building.
Woman voting at a polling station in an Auto Garage.
A sign advertising voting on the side of a dusty road.
Two people at ballot stations under a mural in a Mexican restaurant.
Two women and ballot boxes under umbrellas
Woman voting under a mural.
Voters and ballot boxes at a fire station.
A voter at the Museum of Ice Cream.
Man holding a ballot at a station outsdie a woman's car.
Woman photographing a man at Dodgers Stadium.

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