Haunting Photos Show The Massive Flooding That Has Swamped Australia

Australia has experienced its worst flooding in decades, as people struggle to handle the massive amounts of rainfall.

The painted lines in a road disappearing underwater.
Three men in a small boat as a woman looks on, a flooded landscape behind them
Two horses in a field, behind them is a flooded landscape.
A street sign that reads "Palmer Street" is just visible above a flooded residential area.
A family of three gather to take photographs of a washed out section of road
A young couple stands on the far side of a washed out asphalt road
A woman in a drysuit escorts a young girl away from floodwater, behind them two workers assist a man getting out of the boat
A father and son stand on dry land in front of a flooded home
furniture stacked on two chairs inside a home to protect against floodwater
Four men in dry suits hold a boat in place and lift a cooler off of the boat in a flooded area
People gather at the end of a flooded area, with road closed signs, to take pictures of a tipped over truck
A man wades through waist deep floodwater
A series of telephone poles partially underwater, some of them have collapsed
A flooded farm with plants, structures underwater
Left, a woman and child are wet and wrapped in a blanket, right a woman crouches down in front of flood waters at the end of a flooded road
A family of four stand by while the father goes into their house, partially flooded
A junkyard underwater
a flock of sheep on a hillside with a flood in the background
Two homes surrounded by brown water
 An aerial view of flooded farmland with brown water and green trees

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