9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Between Halloween and an anxiety-inducing election season, it's been a scary week in America. While we have all been collectively biting our nails this past week, alternating between "Hocus Pocus" on our screens and news alerts on our phones, we compiled some of the internet's best photo essays this week.

Photographer Christopher Payne photographed printing presses at Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix with the mammoth job of printing ballots for the upcoming election, and Vogue sent photographers around the country to show the young women standing proud and strong as they explain the decision-making behind their choice to step in as poll workers. The work of photographer Jamie Lee Curtis Taete brings you both sides of QAnon — the bad news, of course, is that these conspiracy theorists only appear to be growing in popularity and influence ahead of the 2020 election. The good news is, well, if you like dystopian landscapes bordering on lunacy but have already seen all the works of Salvador Dalí, this could be a good substitute. We also loved an interview with Adam Schultz, Joe Biden's official campaign photographer.

In nonpolitical news, the Cleveland Public Library debuted a special photography project that worked with 25 photographers to capture the city in an intimate way. Working and learning from home are starting to wear on many of us, no matter where we are or which side of the screen we're on. For a photo essay in the Washington Post, photographers around Mexico captured the challenges faced in distance learning. We look at two decades of Heidi Klum's Halloween extravaganzas, and, of course, the week wouldn't be complete without witches.

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"1 City. 25 Photographers. A Glimpse Into The Heart Of America" — BuzzFeed News

Two girls on pink bicycles in Cleveland

"Printing the Franchise — The New York Times Magazine"

Ballots being printed on massive printing presses.

"How These First-Time Poll Workers Are Fighting for Democracy" — Vogue

A female poll worker with a "Vote" mask in front of flowers

"A Photographer's Journey Through the Dangerous New Age of Conspiracies in America" — Time Magazine

A man whose face is not pictured, wearing paraphernalia of the conspiracy group "Q-Anon"

"Photographers across Mexico have been documenting the challenges of distance learning" — The Washington Post

A boy photographs a notebook with his phone at his home in Mexico

"You'll Never Guess Who Was At Heidi Klum's Halloween Bashes" — BuzzFeed News

Two people dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona

"11 Powerful Portraits of Modern American Witches" — BuzzFeed News

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