9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Once again, we look back this week at a country reckoning with the fast pace of climate change. Devastating photos show the extent of the damage from the Caldor fire near Lake Tahoe, and the destruction in the South and along the Eastern Seaboard from Hurricane Ida.

In Seattle, photographer Meron Menghistab reflected on how the pandemic altered his relationship to time, his family, his community, and his mother's rose garden. Marvel Harris documented his experiences as an autistic, nonbinary, transgender artist who has struggled with health problems for many years and shared them with i-D.

Maggie Shannon went on a road trip across America to document pie-eating contests at county fairs, an experience that connected her to her own family in the pandemic. Gabriella Angotti-Jones spent her nights at an underground fight club created with "an idea, social media, and a pandemic." The New Yorker looks back at the photos and impeccable eye of Chester Higgins, a staff photographer at the New York Times for over four decades. And finally, Eman Mohammed's long-term portraiture project features Muslim American women in sports.

"Try to Make Time for Your Garden" — BuzzFeed News

The photographer sits in his garden with a medium format camera, facing the camera

"This Photographer Shines a Light on Muslim-American Women Athletes" — NPR

A woman with her hair covered and wearing full body workout gear lifts weights in a gym

"Please Devour These Photos of Pie-Eating Contests in America" — BuzzFeed News

A girl lifts her face up from a pie, with pie filling all over her face, and a bottle of water to her left

"Knockout Punch" — The New York Times

A polaroid picture of two men in backyard squabble gear standing in an outdoor boxing ring

"These Photos Show the Terrifying Impact of Hurricane Ida" — BuzzFeed News

A man takes a selfie with a massive storm well wave behind him

"Chester Higgins's Life in Pictures" — The New Yorker

A man sits at a diner counter alone with a cup of coffee, looking out the window as another man walks by

"These Photos Show Life in Afghanistan as the Chaotic US Withdrawal Comes to a Close" — BuzzFeed News

Three Afghan men stand against a wall, a plane flies overhead

"A Photographer Understands Their Dysmorphia & Autism Through Self-Portraits" — i-D

A young person smiles wide at the camera while wrapped in a towel, the ocean in the background

"Devastating Photos Show the Caldor Fire Burning Near Lake Tahoe" — BuzzFeed News

A home engulfed in flames, with trees surrounding it, in the Caldor fire

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