7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we had the honor of speaking with Michael Kamber, a photojournalist and the founder of the Bronx Documentary Center, who shared with us 10 images that shaped his career as an educator and journalist. On Sunday, a catastrophic apartment fire in the Bronx killed 17 people; we looked at photographs of how residents and first responders reacted after the blaze.

National Geographic reporters tried to track down a "sloth kingpin" (the animals are often illegally trafficked as pets), while Reuters looked at the chances of survival for cougars as humans expand into their territory in Washington state. NPR rounded up dramatic scenes from the protests in Kazakhstan, and Magnum photographer Alec Soth has a new exhibition, covered by the Guardian, of his years of road trips. These images are, no surprise, gorgeous. For those of us stuck at home, the New York Times’ 52 Places list has been released — and oh, how I long to visit them!

"The Iconic Photographs That Influenced a Photojournalist’s Career" — BuzzFeed News

four soldiers carry a wounded soldier to a helicopter

"52 Places for a Changed World" — The New York Times

Scene along the Canal Vena, Chioggia, Italy, with a canal and boats and a blue sky

"Terrifying Photos of How Residents and Responders Are Handling the Horrific Fire in the Bronx" — BuzzFeed News

a woman in a fleece hoodie looks at the burned building in a bronx, a one way sign in the background

"Photos: Dramatic Scenes From Kazakhstan's Massive Protests and Crackdown" — NPR

Police, one with a very large dog on a leash and muzzled, march in riot gear and carry shields

"How Does a Cougar Cross a Washington Freeway? Their Future May Depend on the Answer" — Reuters

A medicated cougar on a blue tarp with volunteers surrounding it in a forest

"Chasing Waterfalls: Alec Soth’s US Road Trip — in Pictures" — The Guardian

Alec Soth with a large format camera in a round mirror reflecting him and his daughter in bed

"A Notorious Sloth Cartel Kingpin Vanished. We Tried to Find Him." — National Geographic

Two sloths seen hanging upside down eating apples from clips

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