12 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we've been following the continued flight of Afghans from their country. We spoke with some of the Afghan interpreters, support staffers, and informal allies who have been left scrambling for visas after the Taliban reclaimed power. Meanwhile, Kiana Hayeri photographed young Afghans as she asked what will become of the country's post-9/11 generation for the New York Times Magazine. In the US, Annie Grossinger has spent years photographing people who have been released from prison in New York state and how reintegrating into society has challenged them in her series Ongoing Sentence.

In the UK, we looked back at over 50 years of the Notting Hill Carnival, and at Britain's older vacationers on the English Riviera by David Hares. In Somaliland, Nichole Sobecki photographed cheetah cubs in the wild and documented how they are illegally removed from their homes. And for Fast Company, researchers asked people in two towns in Colombia to photograph examples of justice and coexistence, with illuminating results. We look at the winners of the Women Photograph grants, including Eli Farinago and Danielle Villasana. Gena Marvin is reimagining Russian beauty, and Pablo Piedra, a longtime military photographer, now takes stunning photographs of bugs. Logan White's photo series Recital brought us back to ballet class, and New England–based photographer Philip Keith's images of how Martha's Vineyard became a Black haven this time of year made us desperate to jump into the ocean and enjoy the last weeks of summer.

"How Trafficked Cheetah Cubs Move From the Wild and Into Your Instagram Feed" — National Geographic

A cheetah cub lies on a table with his eyes open, heavily sedated, with a mask and earplugs

"What Will Become of Afghanistan’s Post-9/11 Generation?" — The New York Times Magazine

Three young afghan boys stand in front of a desert and a few low buildings, carrying shopping bags

"Here Are Some of the Afghans Scrambling to Get Exit Visas After the US Withdrawal" — BuzzFeed News

A father holds his daughter, and a mother stands with her two daughters on a rooftop in Afghanistan

"Here Are the Winners of This Year’s Women Photograph Project Grants" — The Washington Post

A young girl sits indoors with a tablet and pen, looking at the camera

"Formerly Incarcerated People Shared What It's Like to Readjust to Society After Prison" — BuzzFeed News

A man sits on a park bench with a phone and backpack, eyes closed and looking up at the sky

"Recital: A Photo Series by Logan White" — Teeth Magazine

A young girl lies under a piano, and another girl is pictured from the waist down seated at the piano

"How Martha’s Vineyard Became a Black Summertime Sanctuary" — Vox

Children, one with goggles, prepare to jump into the water from a surfboard

"London's Famous Notting Hill Carnival Is Canceled This Year, but Here's a Look Back at the Party" — BuzzFeed News

A young girl in front of steel drums at Notting Hill Carnival

"Staycationers on the English Riviera — in Pictures" — The Guardian

An Elvis impersonator sings on a wooden stage, with a man crouching behind the soundboard behind him

"How Photography Is Bringing Justice to War-Torn Colombia" — Fast Company

Eight women with cameras pointing them at the camera, wearing masks

"Gena Marvin Is Redefining Russian Beauty" — Paper Magazine

Two people in latex suits in front of a fountain, one with face paint and one with a mask

"A Longtime Military Photographer Has a New Passion Project: Bugs" — NPR

A green bee looking at the camera on a background, one antenna is missing

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