Former CNN And CNBC Anchor Now Selling Insurance

Nicole Lapin stars in the latest commercial from Allstate.

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Financial expert Nicole Lapin walks a mom and dad through their new home and talks about ways to save money.

Geico has the gecko. Progressive has Flo. And Allstate has...Nicole Lapin?

Cable and business news viewers know Lapin as a former anchor for CNN and CNBC. For a brief time in the summer of 2011, she was also one-half of what the New York Observer deemed to be a "New York media power couple" with the Times' Brian Stelter.

Lapin left CNBC in 2011 to start Nothing But Gold Productions to create content, as she told Adweek, to "demystify Wall Street and personal finance for a younger generation." She currently hosts a show called Recessionista for Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's Ora TV and, according to her website, "regularly appears as a financial expert on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, and talks shows, including The Wendy Williams Show."

She also does ads. In this one, Lapin plays a financial expert who advises a couple on ways to save money on their insurance.

"Energy-efficient appliances, you can get a tax write-off for those," she says before adding, "A programmable thermostat. Very smart, saves money."

As of this morning, the spot had been viewed almost 3,000 times on YouTube.

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